About us



Our company was established in 1994. Over the decades, it has been wellpriced as a unique national

As well as white concrete, which utilizes micronized iron powder in industrial and laminating paints for anti-corrosion coatings and mica powder


Mesquite is also used in electrodeposition. Mica iron oxide production company has a capacity of 1200 tons per year.

Thanks to the trust of our customers in the company’s knowledge and technology and the use of our products in the production processes, we were given the opportunity to increase our quality and improve our quality.


 Our goal

We are committed to striving to provide the highest standards of business for the Mica iron oxide product in terms of innovation, technical support, product quality, safety, environmental and professional ethics.

Our company is receiving the credentials of the ISO9001, ISO14001 environment and OHSAS18001 certification of professional health and safety systems.

In addition to the main fields of manufacturing technology, we need to maintain our product quality and expand our representation to customers outside of the country.

Customer satisfaction is the key to our success.



Improving bilateral relations with key suppliers of raw materials for the presentation and distribution to related factories

Our sustained success is directly related to the performance of individuals affiliated with the company


  • That’s why we support dedicated and committed staff who are professional in this regard
  • We continuously work on a high level of quality
  • To fulfill the binding obligations, in order to improve the environmental performance of the production process.
  • in order to align and enhance the goals of the organization
  • : Relying on our employees’ knowledge of enhancing organizational excellence (EFQM) and self-assessment of the system as well as continuous improvement
  • We focus on improving team spirit and human resource integrity in particular. Employee development and upgrades are a continuous process, and the importance of efficiency and effectiveness for us.