Mica Moscowit powder

Mica has very good chemical and physical specification. For these reason there is no substitute for this material and in many Industries you can use it .
Utilization :
In building ,cellulose coverage and isolation industries.
Decorative usage : Fore making the candle , statue making and Artifical flowers making.
Industrial usage: welding powder (In welding electrode industry for covering the electrode and estabilation of electrical Arcj
In digging industry and making the digging mud (oil industry) for making the Artifical and industrial colors and thermal isolators .
Electrical isolators – rubber Industries , computer , Aero space plain paper industries.
5: For making the tooth paste, and Detergent poweders and etc
Chemical Analyzing and technical spacification of mica powder
Razi metalorgical research center
Test result
Requested by : Nafis company
Address: Qazvin – janbazan square – Iran Avenue –
The laboratory condition: Temprature : humidity :30%
Chemical combination Analyze by XRF method