Poly propylene


Yarn or pp yarn.

Concrete yarn:

Using the booster yarn in the concrete will increase the compressive resistance and tensional resistance of concrete. The combination of yarn and concrete will cause the concrete accretion and it’s resistance for building the rebust surfaces.

If the pp yarn scatter in the concrete will keep the concrete against the cracks.

The benefits of yarn concrete

  • it resist against determination and erosion
  • it resist against the stroke
  • it resist against the fatigue tension
  • it is extendable and resist against proportional misshaping
  • it is tolerable after fraction
  • stroke absorbent
  • it increase the bending resistance of concrete.


  • replacement with thermal armature
  • industrial flooring and yard making
  • concrete flooring of Highways, roads, airport band, tunnels bridges and water canal making
  • shuttered
  • it increase the concrete against the corrosion
  • the roof of steel decks
  • the contact location of bar and pillar.

Poly propylene yarn

Using of pp yarn in concrete combination will protect the concrete against the fraction and will protect the other grouts. If the pp yarn be more than 100 million per a cube of concrete it means that you have very rebuts concrete and you have reinforced surface.

Technical specification

Cutting length: 6-12-18mm

Diameter : 19 micron

Water absorbance: 0.02

Using content : 1-5.1kg per a cube of concrete

Melting point : 160 – 165

Special weight : 0.91

Resistant against acids and sad : High

Resistant against salt: High

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